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Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de rickenbacker guitar 325. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide Rickenbacker 325 d'occasion. Accélérez votre recherche . Trouvez Rickenbacker 325 sur Leboncoin, eBay, Amazon et autres. C'est simple : Cherchez, Cliquez, Trouvez Incredibly cool Rickenbacker 325 in Fireglo finish, 3-pickup, vibrato equipped, small body, f-hole, dot inlays, John Lennon style in Fireglo finish, with silver Rickenbacker case 109 results for rickenbacker 325. Save this search. 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. Price. Under $2,980.00 - apply Price filter. $2,980.00 to $3,600.00 - apply Price filter. Over $3,600.00 - apply Price filter. RICKENBACKER 325 C64 Jetglo Electric Guitar 2011 in MINT, UNPLAYED Condition! Pre-Owned. $2,695.00. Buy It Now +$70.00 shipping. Watch; Rickenbacker 325C64 Jg.

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Comparer et acheter parmi un large choix de produits Rickenbacker au meilleur prix. Livraison express, paiement sécurisé, 3x sans frais Rickenbacker 325 C64 | Full Specifications: Body: Solid body, Neck construction: Throughout, Number of frets: 21, Number of pickups: 3 1991 Rickenbacker 325 in excellent condition. All original, pickups are vintage style toaster top single coils. Dual volume and tone control knobs, three way toggle switch, and a B5 Bigsby Tremolo. Comes with a hardshell case

Rickenbacker est à l'origine de la toute première guitare électrique et du tout premier ampli guitare. Des historiques hawaiian steel guitars électriques des années 1930, aux 360 de George Harrison et de Pete Townshend, ou encore la 4003 de Lemmy (Motorhead), en passant, bien évidemment, par la 4001 de Paul McCartney et la 325 de John Lennon, Rickenbacker n'a cessé d'aider les musiciens. OHORI123の「アコギのすゝめ」第六十七回目。 今回は,エレキのお話^^;,以前,ルックスレヴューとして紹介した,Rickenbacker 325V63。John LennonがBeatles初期. argus - rickenbacker - price guide : b.c. rich - burns - carvin - charvel - dan electro - dean - epiphone - esp - fender - fernandes - framus - gibson - gretsch - guild - hammer - heritage - hofner - ibanez - ovation - paul reed smith - peavey - rickenbacker - schecter - washburn - yamaha - second hand - occasion

Rickenbacker 325 Digital Watercolour Ready To Hang . Rickenbacker 325 digital watercolour ready to hang. Few scratches here and there as it is a well used and gigged guitar. hola amigos, no voy a presentar esta tremenda guitarra porque se presenta por sí sola. Visit the delivery destinations help page to see where this item can be delivere La más celebre fue la Rickenbacker 325c64 Miami que se fabrica aún día y que tiene un acabado en negro y Accent Vibrato. En origen este modelo se le entregó a John Lennon en Miami, de ahí su nombre. El año 1966 John deja de usar su Rickenbacker en shows y grabaciones para reemplazarla por la Epiphone Casino Rickenbacker est un fabricant américain de basses et de guitares acoustiques et électriques. La société est basée à Santa Ana, en Californie, où sont produits tous les instruments. Réputé pour la qualité et le prix de ces derniers, Rickenbacker est le principal fabricant de guitares aux États-Unis en volume, Fender, Gibson et les autres grandes marques américaines ayant. リッケンバッカー・325は、アメリカのリッケンバッカー社のエレクトリックギターの300シリーズの一機種名を指す。 325というモデル名は「ショートスケールのセミホロー(セミアコ)構造のボディーを持ち、3個のピックアップとビブラートユニットを有する」ということを意味する

Rickenbacker 325 Guitar (2/3) This guitar is built entirely in the spirit of wrongness. I got a good laugh one day when I showed it to a local 'pro' who was so taken with it that he didn't notice that it is not a real Ric, I had to point it out. He just loved the way it played and sounded, and completely missed all the obvious cues as to what it really is. That is because it plays like a. Much has been said and speculated about the 1958 Rickenbacker 325 used by John Lennon during the initial rise to fame of the Beatles. Perhaps what makes the famous 'Hamburg' 325 so interesting is the amount of speculation regarding such issues as it's original configuration, it's modification, the refinish, alleged theft, and current whereabouts For a detailed chronology of the Rickenbacker Model 325's role in the British Invasion, check out Backbeat Books' Beatles Gear: All The Fab Four's Instruments From Stage to Studio (SKU #H64162). Includes hardshell case. FEATURES. Semi-hollow maple body; 21 frets; 20-3/4 scale; 1-5/8 nut width; Rosewood fingerboard ; Dot markers; Accent Vibrato tailpiece; Set neck; 3 vintage single-coil. ジョン・レノンが使用した1964年製325を復刻 Rickenbacker 325C64。 List Price 定価 (税抜) Brand New. 新品価格 (税抜) Used 中古価格 (税抜) ¥560,000: ¥414,814〜¥448,000: ¥240,555〜¥348000: Buying Price ギター買取価格リスト: イシバシ楽器 〜¥108,000: イケベ楽器 〜¥120,000: NicoNicoGuitars 〜¥230,000: フリマ取引価格.

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Rickenbacker 325: Why does no one play one? I love the look and I think I would love the scale. But for a guitar that everyone seems to love (and is very expensive) why is it that no one famous (beyond Lennon, of course) play one? Do they really play or sound that bad? I've never had the opportunity to play one and I've been holding myself back on taking a chance buying one sound-unheard due. John de Lennon 1964 Rickenbacker 325 Capri Carte de Vœux , DL Taille. Neuf. 4,75 EUR. Provenance : Royaume-Uni. Achat immédiat +1,92 EUR (livraison) Rickenbacker Bridge 12 Saddles 330 360 620 660 Perfect Intonation 12 String. Neuf. 298,24 EUR. Provenance : États-Unis. Achat immédiat +21,30 EUR (livraison) C'est le dernier. 23 vendus. Chris Squire's rickenbacker rm1999 bass Carte de vœux.

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The Rickenbacker 325 was John Lennon's main guitar from 1961 to 1965, used on such classics as Twist and Shout, I Want to Hold Your Hand, All My Loving, I Feel Fine, Day Tripper, and John's lead parts of You Can't Do That and Long Tall Sally Albums Please Please Me (album), With The Beatles, A.. A Rickenbacker 325. The Rickenbacker 325 is an electric guitar used by John Lennon during the late 50's to the mid 60's. Overview Edit. The Rickenbacker 325 was the first of the Capri series of hollow body guitars released in 1958 by Rickenbacker.It was designed by Roger Rossmeisl, a guitar craftsman from a family of German instrument makers. Production models were 20-3/4 short scale, dot.

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Rickenbacker est un fabricant américain de basses et de guitares acoustiques et électriques. La société est basée à Santa Ana, en Californie, où sont produits tous les instruments.Réputé pour la qualité et le prix de ces derniers, Rickenbacker est le principal fabricant de guitares aux États-Unis en volume, Fender, Gibson et les autres grandes marques américaines ayant délocalisé. 10-1143 - 1967 Rickenbacker Fireglo. • 1 Toaster Pickup• 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 3 way tone preset selector. Guitar plays with low action. Great setup. No issues. All original Guitar.The Beatles' George Harrison played a black-and-white Rickenbacker 420 electric guitar on British television before the Beatles' U.S. invasionHarrison also played the guitar during the sessions when the Beatles. Rickenbacker 330 12 en excellent état quasi neuve vendue avec fly case. Achat-Vente › Guitares › Guitares demi-caisse: Paris: 27-09-2020: Rickenbacker 4003 MD 1600 € je vends ma Ric 4003 midnight blue de 2016 comme neuve pas de rayures pas de pocs Très peux sortie, réglé nickel prés du manche Achat-Vente › Basses › Basses électriques: St Esteve: 26-09-2020: Rickenbacker Lap.

Browse Rickenbacker products and enjoy free shipping on thousands of Rickenbacker gear & 30 day returns Rickenbacker 325 John Lennon Guard $ 41.99 - $ 52.99. Select options. Rickenbacker 325/350 Guitar Guard Set $ 54.99 - $ 77.99. Select options. Rickenbacker 325/350v63 Guitar Guard Se $ 54.99 - $ 77.99. Select options. Rickenbacker 325v59 Guitar Guard Set $ 54.99 - $ 77.99. Select options. Rickenbacker 330/360 Guitar Guard Set $ 54.99 - $ 77.99. Select options. Rickenbacker 330/360-V. La 325 est une guitare très, très particulière: Elle est beaucoup + petite qu'une guitare standard. Le manche en particulier est très étroit et + court qu'une 360 par exemple. A telle enseigne que lorsque John Lennon,en 62, a fait remplacer son Vibrato vibrola pour un Bigsby prévu pour des grattes au manche + large, je crois que c'est sa corde de Mi grave qui dépassait du manche: un.

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NEW - When Beatlemania took America by storm in 1964 it initiated a rise in the popularity of the model 325, famously used by John Lennon the model 325C64 duplicates the Model 325 that Lennon received from Rickenbacker in 1964. Complete with semi-hollow Maple body, re-shaped body and headstock, three vintage-style pickups, and Accent Vibrato. also included is a Vintage Reissue Rickenbacker. Rickenbacker continued to produce steel guitars all the way up until the Rock and Roll boom of the 50's, at which point they moved onto the more traditional acoustic and electric guitars. It wasn't however until John Lennon started using a Rickenbacker in the 60's that they really started to take off though. Lennon utilised the 325 during The Beatles infamous performance on the Ed O'Sullivan. Cerca rickenbacker 325 tra migliaia di annunci di vendita di usato dei privati. Naviga tra le offerte di rickenbacker 325 pubblicate dai negozi di strumenti musicali ai prezzi migliori. Pubblica gratis i tuoi annunci per vendere, comprare e scambiare strumenti nuovi e usati model 325 serial No. FG@391. 66年。ヘッド形状がだいぶ小さくなってきてます。Maplegloなんですがブロンドに見えるのは、50年の歳月のせいでしょう。 ボディのエッジが丸みをおびてきてます。 しかし、オールドの325シリーズを手にするといつも『F-holeがなければなー』とため息です。 Photo SOLD: 325の.

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  1. Rickenbacker 325 Jetglo 1981 Electric Guitar, y9443 $3,602.00 Rickenbacker 2006 Rickenbacker 2006 325C64 (Jetglo) $4,462.15 Popular Search Terms On eBay For Rickenbacker 325.
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  3. - Retrouvez nos références guitare, clavier, piano, batterie, synthétiseur, DJ, home studio, sonorisation sur Woodbrass.com. Livraison gratuite dès 49€

Vintage Vault: 1964 Rickenbacker 325. Dave Rogers, Laun Braithwaite, and Tim Mullally. June 24, 2014. A A German luthier Roger Rossmeisl designed the Capri series, introducing a look still found on today's Rickenbackers. F.C. Hall, owner of Radio & Television Equipment Co. (Radio-Tel), purchased the Electro String Company from Adolph Rickenbacker in 1953. Hall overhauled the business and. Source: Rickenbacker 325-Inspired Build. Even if you do not have the talent or time to build your own, this is still a fascinating and informative article. Here is another article on a DIY 325. Source: John Lennon 325 Inspired Build. Here we see in a bit more detail how to make a Rick 325. I hope you enjoy this Parcourez notre sélection de rickenbacker : vous y trouverez les meilleures pièces uniques ou personnalisées de nos instruments de musique boutiques Used, RICKENBACKER FOAM PICKUP MOUNTING PAD 325 33 . Rickenbacker foam pickup mounting pad 325 330. Rickenbacker style guitar with a bixby tremelo. rickenbacker get glo black 6 string electric guitar. rickenbacker r guitar tailpeice genuine part

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  1. Rickenbacker 325 Rose Morris Export 1966. Les instruments de Rickenbacker ont été produits en Californie depuis 1931. Les guitares Rickenbacker ont gagné leur popularité pendant la période des Beatles dans les années 60. Quelques guitares ont été importées en angleterre par Rose Morris représentant Rickenbacker au Royaume-Uni. Les numéros de série et le nom des modeles de guitares.
  2. Rickenbacker 325. 2 040 J'aime · 14 en parlent. The Rickenbacker 325 was the first of the Capri series of hollow body guitars released in 1958 by Rickenbacker. It was designed by Roger Rossmeisl, a..
  3. Die Rickenbacker 325 ist ein E-Gitarren-Modell, das seit 1958 vom US-amerikanischen Musikinstrumentenhersteller Rickenbacker angefertigt wurde. Das Instrument zählt zur Klasse der E-Gitarren mit ausgefrästem hohlem Holz-Korpus (englisch: Semi-solid - halbmassiv).Bei seiner Markteinführung war das Modell eine der ersten industriell in Serie gefertigten E-Gitarren mit einem durch den.
  4. Rickenbacker 325 Bass 2. Dec 16, 2018. Drill Press. This neck has a back bow. Most of it straightened out overnight after I strung it and tuned it up a full step, which gives the same tension as a long scale. Eventually, it will pull forward to where I can control it with the truss rod, but, having all the patience of a jackrabbit, I thought I'd accelerate the process. The back bow comes.
  5. 9 juin 2018 - Photo #724975 de Az By Wsl Guitars Rickenbacker 325 Lennon (Az By Wsl Guitars Rickenbacker 325 Lennon (39135)) uploadée par Anonym

Plaque Rickenbacker 325; Plaque Rickenbacker 325. Publié dans guitare électrique; Autres catégories > Rickenbacker 300 Series; Auteur Message; olivier R Special Cool utilisateur. Inscrit le: 20 Oct 07 Localisation: Paris # Publié par olivier R le 28 Jun 10, 01:36 pm. Vous savez où je peux trouver une plaque de tête Rickenbacker ? ou mieux une plaque RockenBetter ? c'est pour terminer une. Chinese copy of a Rickenbacker doubleneck guitar/bass. Roughly 30lbs, electronics upgraded, pickups are boutique goldfoil (Guitar) and Seymore Duncam (Bass). Professional setup by Stevenson guitars. Plays like a dream. Setup for Bass or Guitar alone, or both at the same time. No static, no fuzz, no problems! No trades. Favori. 3 750,00 $ Fender Custom Shop '60s Telecaster® Custom 11/1998. Rickenbacker 325. 251 likes. Rare Rickenbacker 325 guitar is on sale Rickenbacker guitars are known for being first-class, and they are still manufactured in the United States to the same exacting standards that set them apart from the outset. With unique tones and beautiful finishes, these eye-catching instruments make captivating music suited to a wide variety of styles and genres. John Lennon used a Rickenbacker 325 in the early days of The Beatles, and the. Rickenbacker 325 or guitars. Gibson Harrison-Clapton 1957 Les Paul Standard Lucy (2013) : This guitar has been painstakingly recreated by Gibson Custom Shop through intimate examination of the original Lucy, which is known to have been owned by Eric Clapton and George Harrison (and actually by John Sebastian and Rick Derringer before them)

1997 Rickenbacker 325v59 in very good condition. This is a reproduction of the 1959 Rickenbacker 325, best known as John Lennon's main guitar with the Beatles. All original, pickups are vintage style toaster top single coils. Dual volume and tone control knobs, three way toggle switch, and a B5 Bigsby Tremolo. Scale length is 21'', and a 1 9. In my opinion there has never been a Rickenbacker - Artist symbiosis like the one between John Lennon and his Rickenbacker 325. Welcome to the story of The Beatles´ Rickenbackers! I hasten to remind you dear reader, that this is the story seen through my own eyes and the views expressed herein, should not be held up to the highest standard of scientific scrutiny. NOTE! Because of problems to. Rickenbacker 325 Hamburg Copy (Nickel - en vente) Indochine. Suivre. il y a 12 ans | 2.7K vues. Rickenbacker 325 Hamburg Copy (Nickel - en vente) Signaler. Vidéos à découvrir. À suivre. 0:50. The Beatles Rock Band Wii Wireless Rickenbacker 325 Guitar Controller.

Gator Guitar Case (Actual Rickenbacker cases are insanely expensive, this link is to the case that you see in the pictures). Rickenbacker 325c64 Chinese Replica AliExpress.com As always, a great looking guitar made to sound better with modifications and a Vox Tonelab ST The pickguard that comes with the Rickenbacker 325C58 is a little larger/longer than the original factory part on John Lennon's 1958 325. Thus the the top end of the pickguard close to the neck pickup is at a different spot from Lennon's and the location of the installing screw closeby is also slightly off. See the photos for details Rickenbacker 325. 1,144 likes. Musician/Band. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page ジョン・レノンの使用で知られる1958年製325を再現 Rickenbacker 325C58。 List Price 定価 (税抜) Brand New. 新品価格 (税抜) Used 中古価格 (税抜) ¥450,000-¥303,703〜¥448,000: Buying Price ギター買取価格リスト: イシバシ楽器 〜¥108,000: イケベ楽器 〜¥130,000: NicoNicoGuitars 〜¥300,000: フリマ取引価格: メルカリ. Rickenbacker made two new 325s for Lennon and shipped them to him while the Beatles were in Miami Beach, Florida, on the same 1964 visit to the United States: a one-off custom 12-string 325 model and an updated six-string model with modified electronics and vibrato. He used this newer six-string model on the Beatles' sequentially second appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show

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Rickenbacker Official Vintage Re-Issue 320 & 325 Series Hard Case . £399.00. Email Me When In Stock View Adolph Rickenbacker founded Rickenbacker with two partners in 1932. The company was originally named Ro-Pat-In then in 1934, renamed to the more logical Electro String instrument corporation. The name Rickenbacker was also added to the head stock this year. Electro String sold a series. New Listing Rickenbacker Model 325 Jetglo 1967 Vintage Semi Hollow w/ Original Case, o0081. Pre-Owned. $5,527.00. From Japan. Buy It Now. Free shipping. Watch; 2013 Rickenbacker 381V69 Mapleglo **Mint . Pre-Owned. $4,500.00. or Best Offer +$105.00 shipping. Watch; Rickenbacker Electric Guitar Pickups Dual Rail Humbucker Set Neck Bridge Pickups. Brand New. $12.99 to $21.99. From China. Buy It. Tokai - Rickenbacker 325 John Lennon Copie. Salut a tous : je m'apelle Juan et je vous present ma Tokai - Rickenbacker 325 John Lennon Copie acheté en Allemagne et Upgradé avec un Truss Rod Cover original Rickenbacker : et aussi d'invité j'autre Rick Copie de marque Rogue : Rogue Rickenbacker 330 I love your coleur !!! Enjoy JJ - The Beatles. Dernière modification par The Beatles (10-09.

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  1. Rickenbacker 325. 2.041 Me gusta · 14 personas están hablando de esto. The Rickenbacker 325 was the first of the Capri series of hollow body guitars released in 1958 by Rickenbacker. It was designed..
  2. ence in the 1960s when John Lennon played his Rickenbacker 325 Capri during the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, the Rickenbacker Sound truly came into its own later that year when George Harrison played his Rickenbacker on several of the tracks for the A Hard Day's Night LP. Shortly after this landmark release, The Who, The Byrds, and more all picked up.
  3. t 1999..
  4. Rickenbacker Model エレキギター 325 C64 Jetglo Jetglo S Rickenbacker/N 2006729 ロック界最大のアイコン!稀代のリズムギターマスターでもある、ジョン?レノン氏! その彼の強力なリズムギタープレイを作り出した名器、Model 325 C64が久しぶりに入荷致しました!池袋は今、リバプールになる!! Rickenbacker.
  5. Rickenbacker Model 325 Rickenbacker C64 Jetglo C64 Model S/N 2006729 【即出荷】 ロック界最大のアイコン!稀代のリズムギターマスターでもある、ジョン?レノン氏! その彼の強力なリズムギタープレイを作り出した名器、Model 325 C64が久しぶりに入荷致しました!池袋は今、リバプールになる!! Rickenbacker.
  6. Rickenbacker 325 Greco copie 850 € vends copie rickenbecker 325 greco noire bon état tres bon état, quelques éclats mais rien de genant Achat-Vente › Guitares › Guitares électriques: Rueil: 16-06-2020: Guitares folk et électriques diverses. Souhaitant faire de la place, je propose à la vente les guitares ci-dessous
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Rickenbacker International Corporation Rickenbacker Guitars Rickenbacker 330-12 The Rickenbacker 325 is the first of the Capris series of hollow body guitars released in 1958 by Rickenbacker. In Hamburg in 1960, Beatles guitarist John Lennon bought a Rickenbacker 325, which he used throughout the early days of The Beatles 1 mai 2017 - 1969 Rickenbacker 325 Guitar Poster - John Fogerty - Rickenbacker Guitar Poster - Rickenbacker Guitar - Creedence Clearwater Revival by MusicSellerz on Ets Tags : sopo wae, rickenbacker, rickenbacker 330, rickenbacker 325, guitare rickenbacker, ni rickenbacker, rickenbacker 360, rickenbacker 375, 2020 rickenbacker, basse rickenbacker, prix rickenbacker, compagnie dinstruments de musique rickenbacker, rickenbacker 325c64, plugin rickenbacker, ton rickenbacker 330, scarbee rickenbacker, rickenbacker 4003 basse, démo basse de rickenbacker. Rickenbacker 325. Mi piace: 2039 · 1 persona ne parla. The Rickenbacker 325 was the first of the Capri series of hollow body guitars released in 1958 by Rickenbacker. It was designed by Roger..

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Check out our rickenbacker 325 selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our musical instruments shops Rickenbacker 325‎ (12 F) Rickenbacker 330‎ (4 F) Rickenbacker 350‎ (1 F) Rickenbacker 360‎ (1 C, 13 F) Rickenbacker 360/12‎ (11 F) Rickenbacker 370‎ (1 F) Rickenbacker 381‎ (1 C, 1 F) Rickenbacker 381/12‎ (2 F) Rickenbacker 400‎ (2 F) Rickenbacker 4080‎ (1 F) Rickenbacker 450‎ (5 F) Rickenbacker 480‎ (2 F) Rickenbacker 6006‎ (1 F) Rickenbacker 620‎ (5 F. Hofner violon bass 60's Rickenbacker 325 Capri Son Incroyable. Cone du résonateur original. Favori. 2 000,00 $ Vendue-Guitare Rickenbacker 330 MapleGlo! En parfaite condition! Ville de Montréal 12-septembre-20. Bonjour, Merveilleuse Rickenbacker 330 MapleGlo! En parfaire condition, aucune scratch, aucune marque! Vient avec hardcase Rickenbacker! Pour en avoir une neuve, vous devez la payer. John Lennon's Rickenbacker 325 features a 20-3/4 short scale, dot fretboard inlays, and a small (12-3/4 wide) body. The body is unbound, semi-hollow (though lacking a sound hole), and boasts the crescent moon-style cutaways. This series is currently available only in C reissue form. These instruments gained prominence due to John Lennon's use of a 325 during the early years of The. Originaires de Los Angeles dans les années 20, les guitares Rickenbacker ont un son particulier et ont été joués par des musiciens les plus remarquables (John Lennon en avait beaucoup, incluant une 12 cordes unique. Elles ont aidé à sculpter le son de groupes tels que REM, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers et The Who.. Afficher plus. Originaires de Los Angeles dans les années 20, les.

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Dec 14, 2017 - Explore Kevin Leclerc's board Rickenbacker DYI Kit, followed by 601 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Dyi, Rod, Kit Le Rickenbacker 320 a été introduit en 1958. Il s'agissait d'un modèle de la série 300 à petite échelle (short scale) avec une longueur de 20,75 , des incrustations de manche de manche et de petits corps (12,75 de large). Le corps est semi-creux (mais sans aucun trou pour le son). Ce modèle shot scale a été conçu pour les débutants, mais ils sont devenus populaires lorsque.

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Catalogue Rickenbacker vente/achat/prix, Basses électriques solid body, Guitares 12 cordes électriques, Guitares électriques solid bod Rickenbacker 325 Jetglo 1981 Electric Guitar, y9443. Pre-Owned. C $4,813.35. From Japan. Buy It Now. Free shipping. Rickenbacker 325V63 Fireglo Electric Guitar, L0035. Pre-Owned. C $4,440.52. From Japan. Buy It Now. Free shipping. Rickenbacker 325V63 Fireglo 1996 Electric Guitar, L0036. Pre-Owned. C $4,300.21. From Japan . Buy It Now. Free shipping. Used RICKENBACKER 325C64 Jet Glo 2019 19. May1964 Rickenbacker 325 Rose Morris Fireglo Import - Rare 2 o'clock F hole. £6,500.00. 0 bids. £200.00 postage. Ending 15 Oct at 8:48PM BST 7d 18h. or Best Offer. Rickenbacker 330/6 6 String Electric Guitar (Fireglo), Pre-Owned . £1,699.00. FAST & FREE. 19 watching. Rickenbacker 381/12 V69 - Fireglo Best Around - The Rolls Royce of Rickenbackers. £4,000.00. 0 bids. or Best Offer. Ending. Rickenbacker. Most guitar enthusiasts are familiar with the sound of Rickenbacker Guitars and Basses. John Lennon played a Rickenbacker 325 Capri on The Beatles 1964 debut on the Ed Sullivan show; Paul McCartney used a 1964 Rickenbacker 4001S FG Lefty Bass (he preferred it for recording and for the Magical Mystery Tour), and George Harrison played a 360/12 FG New Style 12-string electric guitar Long scale version of John Lennons short scale 325. 3 vintage pickups.Jetglo black of course. With vintage case in silver tolex and cool blue inside. 25500 SEK . Rickenbacker - SOLD . Rickenbacker OVERVIEWING OUR STORE!!. Sold. Rickenbacker 1997 Spc 1992. Fireglo sunburst.3 vintage pickups.Vintage style correct F-hole.Vintage case.Small beltbuckle mark on back.All original with tags.. Sold. 325/12 $3553 $3553 $0 $3553 1 325/6 $7400 $8100 $0 $8800 2 $1725 $1959 $2026 $2350 4 $1100 $1681 $2100 $2400 5 325/6 B Series $2125 $2125 $0 $2125 1 325/6 C58 $1582 $2830 $2700 $5403 146 325/6 C63 $2000 $2000 $0 $2000 1 325/12 C64 $2800 $2800 $0 $2800 1 325/6 C64 $1617 $2619 $2600 $4693 170 325/6 f hole $4995 $5497 $0 $6000 2 $3200 $3203 $0 $3206 2 $2750 $2780 $0 $2795 3 325/6 JL $1499 $3110.

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